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title: the suncatchers
genre: speculative fiction

This series (which I'm calling "Suncatchers" for now) is both a visualization and a poetic ponderance.
What might we feel and dream of if our world were to become so wounded, that we can no longer repair it?
How might we attempt to recover both ourselves and the land from which we come from?

After the storm. The beginning of healing.

The Sand Village was built 20 years into the Great Sandstorm.

It was, by no means, a beautiful place. But beauty was not the priority at the time -- survival was. Forgiveness was. Healing was.

The desert was now our lifeline.

Next came the Water Wielders.

Poetry. Dreams. Exploration. Love.
All that which makes us human.

Earth is not ours. This is not "our planet" or "our environment" or "our Earth." It is owned by no one. We are being permitted to exist here. We are of Earth. We cannot forget that.

I wonder what the Earth used to feel like, before it was broken by us.

We repeat cycles of greed, ruin, heartbreak, and healing.
We make the same mistakes in different ways... and must learn the same lessons repeatedly.